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Latest News!

Exciting News!

It is Transition Time at Sunbelt

After 46 years in the computer software business, Steve White is retiring. The development, management, sales and distribution of the Sunbelt software products will now be handled by employee Bill Keech.

Bill has been an integral part of the development of the Sunbelt PL/B software for over 25 years. He and Ed Boedecker, with us over 31 years, and Bud Hutchison, with 23 years here, will continue developing and supporting our great products.

Effective October 1, 2018, Change our name and address in your records to:

      Sunbelt Computer Software (note the new name)
      67 Joseph St.
      North Bay, ON  P1A 1L9

Mailing a check from the USA will now require 65¢ more postage. Not bad at all!

For sales and technical support, call 1-903-881-7005. Our email addresses will remain the same.

Our website will remain www.sunbelt-plb.com.


Will I still get the same great customer service and support? - Of course. From the same staff. We pride ourselves in giving you the same support we would like to receive in programming. We know. We’ve been there. You just can’t beat our experience level with PL/B under WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX and various other operating systems over the years.

Remember, a huge part of our job satisfaction comes from providing quality products and support. And it shows!

Will you still take my requests for language and utility enhancements? - See the above paragraphs. Of course! We appreciate your input.

Will my subscription to Sunbelt maintenance change? - There are no plans to change.

Will I still receive the annual invoices to renew? - Yes.

I learn a lot from the Sunbelt Forums. Will they still be available? – Yes.

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