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Latest News!

Current News

  1. Sample code is now available on GitHub. See the Forums for more information.
  2. Sample videos are now available on YouTube. See the Forums for more information.
  3. Version 10.5 is now available. See the Forums for more information.
  4. Example videos for 10.5 are available. See the Forums for more information.
  5. Visual Studio support for PL/B. See the Forums for more information.
Note: The latest news and programming tips can be found in the Forums.

Version 10.5 Now Released

Version 10.5

  1. Windows WebView2 support in PLBWIN/PLBCLIENT
  2. DATATABLE Object
  3. Hybrid form support
  4. Designer support for web objects
  5. BOOTSTRAP 5 User Interface support
  6. Many IDE, Designer, and SunDebug enhancements

Past Highlights

2022 Details

  • Release of Version 10.4A, 10.4B and 10.5. See the Forums for more information.

2021 Details

  • Release of Version 10.3A, 10.3B and 10.4. See the Forums for more information.

2020 Details

  • Release of Version 10.2A and 10.3. See the Forums for more information.

2019 Details

  • Release of Version 10.1A, 10.1B. and 10.2. See the Forums for more information.
  • Customer Conference 2019. See the Forums for conference materials.

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      Sunbelt Computer Software (note the new name)
      67 Joseph St.
      North Bay, ON  P1A 1L9

For sales and technical support, call 1-903-881-7005.

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