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Currently Available PL/B Beta Software

All BETA software is available for testing
only and is not to be used in production.
Any bugs will be corrected as time permits
and posted in a future beta release.

Please select the software you wish to
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File Release Date Size RFM
srvwin.101Bb.exe 05-20-2019 5.94 MB plbwin.101Bb.txt
sdmwin.101Bb.exe 05-20-2019 4.84 MB sdmwin.101Bb.txt
pwswin.101Bb.exe 05-20-2019 14.47 MB plbwin.101Bb.txt
pwsu20.101Bb.tar 05-24-2019 16.09 MB plbwin.101Bb.txt
plbwnt.101Bb.exe 05-21-2019 39.4 MB plbwin.101Bb.txt
plbwin.101Bb.exe 05-21-2019 28.25 MB plbwin.101Bb.txt
plbnet.101Bb.exe 05-21-2019 31.54 MB plbwin.101Bb.txt
cliwin5.101Bb.exe 05-20-2019 5.02 MB plbwin.101Bb.txt
cliwin.101Bb.exe 05-21-2019 5.03 MB plbwin.101Bb.txt
clinet.101Bb.exe 05-20-2019 7.07 MB plbwin.101Bb.txt
clicon.101Bb.exe 05-20-2019 3.3 MB plbwin.101Bb.txt

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