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Everyone welcome our newest member, plb zone!

Breaking News...

Finally!!    SQLIO

Looking to transition your flat file applications to a database? Read on...

In the information age, data is king. Simple and efficient access to that data is paramount for a business to succeed. As the leading provider of PL/B Language tools and products, Sunbelt has always been at the forefront of data access techniques. Our rich history of data access uniquely positions Sunbelt as a valuable partner in your software strategies today and in the future.

With the 9.4 release of Sunbelt's PL/B language products, the SQLite database engine was added. Users had requirements for database support and SQLite provided a great solution. This "built in" and "zero administration" database engine meant that programs could easily create and maintain databases using the existing database verbs that have been a part of the language for years. And since the engine is a part of the runtime, no other software was required.

And now today, Sunbelt announces the next step in this evolutionary process - SQLIO. This language enhancement provides access to data in SQLite, MySql, or SqlServer databases using the PL/B language verbs originally designed for flat file support. Now thousands of PL/B application programs that currently access files by performing Opens, Reads, Writes, Updates, and Deletes can quickly be transformed into database applications without having to be rewritten. SQLIO provides the connection to the database and the necessary translations for a verb such as READ to a database SQL SELECT statement. Sales opportunities previously missed because application packages did not store the data in a database are now easily in reach of the PL/B programmer.

How difficult is it to move an application to SQLIO? You simply enable SQLIO in the runtime's configuration file, describe the database and the application files in a schema database, and make a small modification to the program's Open or Prepare statement. That's it! All IO destined for the defined file will now be directed to the database. Sunbelt even supplies a GUI tool (the SchemaEditor) to make generation maintenance of the schema file much easier.

See for yourself! Take a few minutes and walk through this conversion of the address demo program.

With the addition of SQLIO, Sunbelt has provided still more capabilities to the PL/B language community. No other language product provides as many methods to access data as Sunbelt. The SQLIO product is unique in that it provides a simple method to transition a program from flat files to a database without the need to redesign the application.

Install the upcoming 9.5 version of Sunbelt's PL/B Language products and give SQLIO a try with your applications. You will be amazed at how simple the whole process really is.


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