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2016 Sunbelt Customer Conference

Sunbelt Customer Conference

Oklahoma City - April 10-13, 2016

Come and be a part of the 2016 Sunbelt Customer Conference that will be held April 10-13 at the Residence Inn in Oklahoma City Downtown/Bricktown. Meet our developers! Interact with customers from around the world! These conferences are a great opportunity to immerse yourself in PL/B.

The conference will feature the new PL/B Web Server software that allows you to run PL/B on nearly any device that supports HTML5, and a recap of enhancements implemented since the last conference. In additional there will be a 1 day training session for maximizing the benefits of the Web Server. There will also be sessions by your fellow customers on various topics. Please let us know if you would also like to present a topic.Residence Inn
                                              Downtown/Bricktown OKC

The cost for this year's conference is $500 (plus PayPal fees) if registered by March 4th and $550 (plus PayPal fees) after that date. The conference registration fee includes a reception with snacks on Sunday evening, lunch on Monday and Tuesday and afternoon breaks. In addition, our host for the event, Knectsoft, is hosting a social on Monday Evening with Burgers and all the trimmings.

The hotel is providing a group rate of $149 per night for this event if you register before March 16, 2016.

Today! Sign up by clicking on the PayPal button below or call us to pay with a check and then contact the hotel to make your reservations.

We look forward to
seeing you!

This is a great time to collaborate face-to-face!
Bricktown in OKC!

2016 Conference Registration

Latest News!

The New PL/B Web Server

Sunbelt Computer Systems, the leader in PL/B language products, is pleased to announce our latest software solution, the PL/B Web Server. This new server builds upon our highly successful thin client product, PL/B Application Server, by incorporating a true web server. Once installed, clients can safely and securely access PL/B programs using any device that supports a standard web browser, including iPhone, iPad and Android phones and devices. With the addition of the PL/B Web Server, your investment in applications and the PL/B programming language is extended to a whole new audience.

Since 1980, Sunbelt has an excellent history of evolution with the PL/B language. Our first products allowed a language developed for mid-sized computers to be used on personal computers. As personal computers and operating systems matured, client server configurations became prevalent and Sunbelt was there to enhance the language as needed. Operating systems next began supporting graphical user interfaces and Sunbelt once again answered the call by providing the tools necessary to create graphical, event-driven applications. The industry then moved to thin client networking. This configuration stores all data and programs on the server and clients connect using a standard network protocol. While the client is only charged with handling the user interface, the server performs the heavy computational and IO requirements of the programs.

And now Sunbelt embarks on a new level of transparency in the client server technology. Rather that using a proprietary client, a myriad of devices can now access the server and execute programs with no special software. These devices only need to support a web browser. No other language can boast support of programs developed during the past forty years with the ability to use the latest web devices.

Thin client computing has some real advantages, as already demonstrated by our PL/B Application Server. A primary benefit is that all the data and programs are kept in a datacenter that is managed, safe, and secure. No data is stored on the client. This results in fewer points of failure and less susceptibility to theft, viruses, and malware. Deployment of PL/B Web Server applications is simple with no configuration or software installation required on the client.

As the development of this exciting new product continues, Sunbelt will be enhancing the server to support even more graphical objects than initially implemented.

Initially, the server supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. A web application under development will support IOS, Android, Windows RT 8, and Fire operating systems. While many of your existing GUI screens will display on these devices, you will want to make some adjustments for different size screens or touch access. Also, the set of objects supported will be a subset of the standard Windows controls. No real knowledge of web programming is required to use the PL/B Web Server but we do provide extensions to the PL/B language that allow the implementation of custom HTML5 pages, JavaScript functions, and CSS classes for your web applications. The implementation of the PL/B GUI objects for the PL/B Web Server attempts to provide the same object features as a PLBWIN runtime. However, like any other OS environment, there are going to be differences either in the look or behavior of the objects. The PL/B Web Server is using industry standard technologies to minimize any differences that may occur. In addition, some objects will have extensions to allow custom Web application features. The PL/B Web Server will be available for the same Windows, Linux and various Unix systems that we currently support with PL/B Serve.

Beyond the server, Sunbelt also provides the tools you will need to develop web applications. The Designer has been enhanced to allow creation of the new PL/B Web Forms (PWF) that are similar to existing PLF forms. The Designer also has the capability of saving a PLF form as a PWF form. Program development, compilation, debugging, and execution are all done in the same manner to which our customers are accustomed.

Orders are now being taken and Prices start at $200.00 for a two connection system that is perfect for development. Demo copies are also available.

For more information, please call Sunbelt at 903-881-0400 or email info.scsi@sunbelt-plb.com.

About Sunbelt Computer Systems, Inc.

Sunbelt Computer Systems is the leading supplier of PL/B language products. The company is dedicated to maintaining and improving the language as a general purpose business programming language. Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Tyler, Texas, Sunbelt provides PL/B language solutions to customers throughout the world.

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